In the past few years, the U.S. has seen a surge in the number of jobs in the field of business. So naturally, the number of foreign business students who want to work in the U.S. is also growing. Despite challenges like visas, and language and cultural barriers, international students are committed to getting a job in the U.S.

Sang Eun Kim is one of those students. The Korea native and MBA student at Georgetown University is dealing not only with the challenges of studying abroad, but the challenges of trying to get a job in the U.S.

Kim?s concerns are similar to his peers: he?s concerned about sponsorship to obtain a visa, is English skills, and cultural barriers that might arise. But he remains active and passionate. He frequently goes to career center to meet career advisors, and to get help editing his resume and cover letters.

As he discusses in the video above, he came to the U.S. carrying a dream, and has tried to pursue that dream despite the obstacles he faces ? turning back was never an option. Ultimately, his persistence paid off: in the coming weeks, he?ll be starting a summer internship in the U.S., which he hopes might eventually lead to a job.

Jeonghyun Kim is a VOA intern for the English web desk. She is from South Korea, and is currently pursuing her Masters in Professional Studies in Journalism at Georgetown University