As you probably know, most Fridays we post a list of upcoming webinars, virtual college fairs, and other free online events of interest for anyone who hopes to study in the U.S. Well, this was a slow week in the webinar world, so instead we found online recaps of two past events about finding a job in America.

Our friend Jose Navarro recently attended a workshop about employment options for international students on an F-1 visa, given by a NY-based law firm and hosted by Berkeley College. He writes:

To be honest, the amount of information and the decisions to make are quite overwhelming. That's why I would advice, if you're considering the possibility of starting your career in the USA, is to start thinking about it as soon as possible.

Jose posted a link to all the materials used in the workshop, for others who want to check it out: Lecture Slides for International Students

Friend of the blog Jean-Marc Dedeyne also recently shared with us a discussion about employment options for international students, but he was the one giving the workshop. He participated in a panel at UCLA about how to navigate the U.S. job market, and passed along this video recap for those who are interested in watching it:

That's all for this week. Want to look ahead to find out what webinars and virtual fairs are coming up? Here's our calendar of events!