Many of you have probably heard of Rebecca Black and her song, "Friday." Many of you are probably sick of it. But did you know that it's helping unite the world?

People all over the globe have been translating and covering Rebecca Black. Hey, whatever brings people together, right? So here, for your Friday enjoyment, are 11 languages-worth of "Friday," from Malay to Swahili and everything in between.

Mandarin Version

Malay Version

Quebecois Version

Hokkien Version

Russian Version

Spanish Version

Japanese Version

Arabic Version

As German beat poetry

Translating to Swahili

American Sign Language

And this isn't a translation, but around the VOA newsroom, we enjoy this version:

Thanks to "What's in Your Bin?" for unearthing some of these amazing translations.

Also, as a disclaimer, I only speak 2 of these languages, so I'm trusting that each of the videos contain straight translations. Please let me know if any of them turn out to contain anything offensive.