Though most students who will be starting at a U.S. college this fall are probably already thinking about what to pack, if you missed the application deadlines or got rejected from the places you applied, there's still an opportunity to get admission for 2012-2013.

According to the NACAC, over 360 colleges still have space in their freshman classes and will accept applications from prospective students. The full list of colleges still accepting applications is available on the NACAC website.

Found a college you're interested in? Contact the institution directly for information on how to apply. The information was compiled as of May 1, and will remain available until June 29.

Community colleges are not included on that list, but they are also an option for anyone still seeking admission. The New York Times has put together a great resource on how to decide whether you should apply to a community college instead of a 4-year institution.

[What is a community college?]

They write:
They are often much more affordable than four-year colleges
Additionally, community colleges often have open-door, open-access policies that admit a vast majority of its applicants, Ms. Kent [Norma Kent, a spokeswoman of the American Association of Community Colleges] said. Community colleges across the country also have relationships with neighboring four-year colleges, some of which guarantee admission to community college graduates.

The community colleges that enroll the most international students are (according to the IIE):

Houston Community College
Santa Monica College
Lone Star College
De Anza College
Montgomery College

So, if you're still looking to get an offer of admission for the fall, happy hunting!