Welcome to the fall. It's not only the start of college classes, but also typically marks the release of major college rankings. As we've discussed before, rankings are controversial, and each methodology has strengths and weaknesses. Rather than make a big deal about each new ranking, we're just going to link you to two of the most well-known, and let you use them as you see fit (or take some cues from the New York Times).

1) US News and World Report Best Colleges 2012
Winner: Harvard University, Princeton University (tied for #1)

2) QS World University Rankings 2011/12
Winner: Cambridge University (the top U.S. university was Harvard University at #2)

Also worth looking at: the Washington Monthly rankings released at the end of August, which aim to be "a different kind of college ranking" based on how much value the college creates. Their #1? The University of California - San Diego.