Packers Super Bowl Football

What were your favorite articles from the past school year?

#1) Football and Patriotism: A Super American Day, by Nareg

Nareg is one of my favorite writers for the blog, It's always interesting how he portrays American-ness in his blog posts.

#2) Meeting Movie Stars and Oscar Winners, by Tara

As a movie buff, I was jealous but extremely happy for her because I agree with her. A 4.0 GPA is cool...I think. And hanging out with Tom Hooper and Melissa Leo is not's fantastic.

#3) Sebastian's March Madness post

In life I love basketball and in America, I love that they love basketball religiously. Did I know much about March Madness? No! But Sebastian helped me spell that out in his post and that's where I made my connection to the University of Kentucky. It's not just the fact that they are the winningest team in college basketball history. My favorite basketball player Rajon Rondo went to Kentucky. Unfortunately, we didn't win this year. Can I say 'we?' I'd like to think I'm a 'Wild Cat' fan by affiliation now. Now that I'm familiar with the program, I know who I will be rooting for next year. But if the Wild Cats meet my American University Eagles, the Wild Cats are going down.