Anna Malinovskaya
Anna Malinovskaya


Home Country: Russia

School: Mount Holyoke College

Year: 2014

Major: Economics and International Relations

What three words do you think your friends would use to describe you? What three words would you use to describe you?

My friends would describe me as independent, ambitious and hard-working. I would describe myself as career-oriented, determined and patient.

What?s one thing (academic or not) that you?re really interested in besides your academic major?

Using different career resources that my school has to offer, learning new skills like computer software, and meeting interesting people who come to speak on my school?s campus.

What typical American thing are you most looking forward to?

I am looking forward to Halloween. We do celebrate Halloween in Russia but it?s not like real American Halloween.

What book, movie or TV show do you think most informed your opinion on what the US would be like? Was it accurate?

I used to watch American MTV but I think it misrepresents the American society.

What?s one thing you like better about the US than your home country so far?

Students have more freedom and independence regarding their college education.

What?s one thing you like better about home than the US so far?

Better public transportation system.

Why did you decide to study in the US?

I am convinced that the US offers more career opportunities in the non-profit sector, and there is more gender equality and diversity here.

What emotion have you experienced most since leaving home?