Mohammed Al-Suraih

Home Country: Iraq

School: The College of St. Scholastica

Year: 2013

Major: Biochemistry/Pre-Med track

Why did you decide to study in the US?

I have always wanted to make it to the States since I was little kid. It was like a promise that I made to myself that I should come here. However, big part of it was because of unstable situation in my hometown. I would also say it?s because of big numbers of American shows I used to watch back in the time, and how the western culture got into my head. And also because I never liked the education system in my hometown.

What show do you think most informed your opinion on what the US would be like? Was it accurate?

Numbers of shows but they are all inaccurate! Shows only inform you about how much fun you are going to have in the States but never bring the hard work students do every single day.

What?s one thing you like better about the US than your home country so far?

Absolutely the Internet. I like how everything is just connected to one single and huge system, which is the World Wide Web. I mean how great it feels when you can simply do homework online, talk to your professor via e-mail, and do all of your shopping online.

What?s one thing you like better about home than the US so far?

Definitely the food. Oh man I miss my mom? delicious white spicy rice. Oh my god I miss my favorite Iraqi dish, Biryani.

What one thing from home did you make sure to bring with you to the US?

I brought my Iraqi flag, my Qur?an, and my prayer rug.

What?s the one thing you most want to teach Americans about your country?

It?s a difficult question; I think I want them to know every thing about my culture. Most of the people I have met don?t know anything about my country. I want to tell them that we are not very different from you guys, we do live in houses (not in tents), and we do ride cars (not camels), and surprisingly we do eat ice creams, lol. I want Americans to know how beautiful my country is, and how friendly, lovely, and generous Iraqis are.

What?s one thing (academic or not) that you?re really interested in besides your academic major?

Every year, I look forward for Intramural league in my school. I get to play soccer, tennis, and doge ball. Intramural league always keeps the academic stress down.

What three words do you think your friends would use to describe you?

I have heard people saying I?m a nerd, not my favorite. I have heard smart, funny, and cool.