Ryan Rinaldy
Ryan Rinaldy

Ryan Rinaldy

Home Country: Indonesia

School: Montgomery College

Year: Freshman

Major: Television

Why did you decide to study in the US?

My father was assigned to work in D.C. So I decided to move with my family and search for schools here. I?ve always wanted to study film in the U.S., too bad it?s expensive.

What one thing from home did you make sure to bring with you to the US?

I brought some of my favorite Indonesian books and movies. Oh, and also, I had to make sure that my Indonesian football (soccer) jersey and batik clothes were in my bag.

What typical American thing are you most looking forward to?

I?m really looking forward to learn about their sports like: football, hockey, basketball, etc.

What book, movie or TV show do you think most informed your opinion on what the US would be like? Was it accurate?

I?ve always wanted to come to the US every time I finish watching ?FRIENDS?. But I have to say it?s half accurate.

What?s one thing you like better about the US than your home country so far?

I like how people here appreciate arts. The museums here are always crowded!

What?s one thing you like better about home than the US so far?

Things at home were way cheaper than in the US.

What?s the one thing you most want to teach Americans about your country?

First of all, I want to tell them where Indonesia is. Because most of the people I met never even heard of Indonesia before. And second of all, I?d like to share our rich culture.

What emotion have you experienced most since leaving home?

During the first three months, I felt so lonely!

What?s one thing (academic or not) that you?re really interested in besides your academic major?

I?d be interested to study the process of film making.