The gorgeous Kansas City Plaza at night
The gorgeous Kansas City Plaza at night

Sebastian Sanchez Deuer

Home Country: Bolivia

School: University of Kansas

Year: Junior

Major: Economics

Why did you decide to study in the US?

I was motivated by the pursuit of quality higher education and the priceless experience of living abroad in a different environment.

What book, movie or TV show do you think most informed your opinion on what the US would be like? Was it accurate?

I would say my favorite show, Seinfeld. I guess it was somehow accurate, but it was more entertaining than that.

What one thing from home did you make sure to bring with you to the US?

My flag. Keeps me from forgetting where I come from and where I go.

What?s one thing (academic or not) that you?re really interested in besides your academic major?

Diversity promotion, I am very appealed by the idea that more people should learn about diversity, which I am learning on my own now, and above all tolerance and respect. With diversity I mean cultures, ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, religions, etc.