This has been a month of introductions, as we got to know our bloggers and many of our bloggers, arriving in the U.S. for the first time, got to know their new surroundings.

--> Before you even arrive, you have to get through the visa process.  Nareg talked about his experience applying for a visa at the American embassy in Armenia, with some useful information for other visa hopefuls.

--> For Senzeni, leaving home for the first time was a difficult experience in itself.  She described why she decided to go so far from home for school - and her tearful goodbyes at the airport.

--> Alex, arriving from Uganda, was pretty excited to be at American University in Washington, D.C.  He announced his presence by saying, ?Somebody call the White House; tell them there is a new man in town!?

--> Meanwhile, Zhamal described her whirlwind first few days in the U.S. ? flying in to Los Angeles, registering for classes, and meeting her classmates.

--> Sebastian showed us pictures of his home city of Santa Cruz and new home in Lawrence, Kansas.  On the surface they look similar, but he?s found innumerable differences in the people and culture.

--> Rudro, who?s been here for a number of years now, talked about some of the small differences, many of which he?s gotten so used to that he barely notices them anymore.  Like crossing the street.

--> Tara has also been affected by small differences.  In her native China, pale skin is considered beautiful, but in California she?s found that Chinese-Americans love to get a tan on the beach.

--> For Roua, coming to the U.S. was not only a lesson in American culture, but also a chance to experience many other cultures as well.  She said she has had her eyes opened to Russian culture, thanks to a new Russian friend.