Our goal here at the Student Union is to let you into the lives of current international students in the U.S.  Over the course of this academic year, our bloggers have opened up and talked about a wide variety of different experiences, from arriving in a new country to taking their first exams to celebrating their first Thanksgiving.

But we still couldn't help but feel like we're missing a lot of their lives.  Sure, they may write about that trip to Las Vegas, but what about all the other, everyday stuff that doesn't make it into their blog posts?

video hat

So, in an attempt to let you even deeper into the lives of international students in the U.S., we're announcing a brand new feature....live webcams!

Starting Monday, each of our bloggers will be operating a live, 24/7 webcam so you can see every aspect of their lives as it happens.  Watch what it's like to grab breakfast in the dining hall as you sprint to a morning class.  Watch what it's like to nod off in that Friday intro to economics class.  Watch what it's like to sit around and watch TV in the student center.

"How does it work?" you might be asking.


Each of our bloggers has received a video camera, which they have attached to the top of a baseball cap.  They will be required to wear this hat 24 hours a day, every day, to record every detail of their lives for your viewing pleasure.

Sure, it will be difficult for them to sleep in a video hat, but they'll suffer through it, because they are dedicated to sharing their daily American experiences - even the 8 hours of sleeping - with you.

Each of their video cameras will stream live to a player on our website.  That's 15 live streams you can monitor all at once.  And to ensure you don't miss a second, we will be disabling the mute button and close button on each of the players.  That way you won't be able to stop any of the 15 players from broadcasting.

We  hope you are as excited about consuming this new feature as we are about presenting it.  Oh, and also.....APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!! You didn't think we were serious, did you?

Learn more about April Fools' Day and some of the best pranks ever pulled in our previous post.

Photo credit: Flickr user Chuck Olsen