Webinars are online discussions for a group.


What is a "webinar" anyway?  The person who submitted it for our Glossary of Confusing Words wrote:

I couldn't find this word in Longman Dictionary and also in Google translate online.


We use it, EducationUSA uses it, but what is it?

"Webinar" is one of those made up internet words, like e-book or tweeps, that tries to describe something that happens on the internet instead of in real life. It's actually a combination of the words -- web (as in, internet) and seminar.  When you smash them together you get webinar. (See it?)

So a webinar is a seminar, workshop or lecture that happens online.

You might also hear the word "webcast,"  which is a broadcast that happens online (web + broadcast = webcast).  The difference between a webinar and a webcast is that a webinar is usually interactive, allowing you to ask questions, while for a webcast you can usually watch but not participate.

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