You might remember last year we had a blast recording and sharing a few phone conversations where the bloggers compared notes from their year in the States.

If you haven't listened to those, check 'em out.  They were lots of fun: Pete and Repeat are on a Boat...and Other Adventures in American Culture

In fact, they were so much fun that we did it again!  Here's the first of two phone conversations we had recently. Take a listen:

Or download the mp3

In this one we discuss why the bloggers chose to study in the U.S. and some of the pieces of American culture they've found most difficult to get used to (yelling and oversharing). We also share stories about the problems with having an accent, and share some tips for getting rid of it.  Plus, Thuy tells us about what it's like to study for an MBA.

Of course there's also tons of advice for anyone thinking about applying to U.S. colleges or business schools in the near-ish future. If you're only looking for the advice bit, it starts at about 21 minutes in, and there's lots more coming in the second conversation, so stay tuned for that as well.

Oh yeah, and we almost burn down an apartment! (Just in case the other stuff wasn't exciting enough for you...)