Vietnamese people celebrate the Lunar/Chinese New Year as Tet.  It's a meaningful occasion for every Vietnamese - a time for family reunions, greetings and making New Year?s wishes.

This is the second year that I did not celebrate the Tet holidays in my home country. But happily, since I am living among the biggest Vietnamese community in the States, I still celebrate with my relatives.  And my Vietnamese friend, who is working in San Francisco, drove a long way to visit me in Orange County and enjoy the Tet atmosphere and foods here for a day.  It is not 100% the same as back in Vietnam, but I did have a happy time.

There are many Tet market fairs, music shows and traditional games organized for Vietnamese people living here to buy things for their Tet preparations and to join in Tet activities during these days in Little Saigon. You can see some of what goes on here for Tet in these pictures. What was your Tet like?

Thuy and her friend at Tet market in Little Saigon
Thuy and Vu at Tet market in Little Saigon, CA

My friend Vu and I walking around the Tet market in Little Saigon.

Flowers and fruits for TET celebration
Flowers and fruits for TET celebration

Flowers and fruits for the Tet celebration.

Vietnamese kids for Tet
Vietnamese American kids, in Vietnamese custom ?Ao Dai?, were practicing silk-dance for TET festival

Vietnamese-American kids, in Vietnamese traditional ?Ao Dai,? practicing silk dance for Tet festival.

Tet pagoda
People went to pagoda in Little Saigon to pray for wealth, luck, happiness, love

People went to the pagoda in Little Saigon to pray for wealth, luck, happiness and love.

TET decorations, TET dried candied fruits, and family gathering at my grandparent?s house

The family gathering at my grandparents' house - Tet decorations, dried candied fruits, and family.

HAPPY TET to everybody!