1) How does it feel to be far from home as your country makes history? Egyptian and Tunisian students in the U.S. give their perspectives.
All our lives we wanted to leave Tunisia in order to have more opportunities abroad. What happened these [past] weeks made us regret the fact that we are abroad


Most of Egyptian people have a loyalty to Egypt. You grew up there. You grew up beside the Nile. It?s my feeling for the crowds. I miss the crowds


So on the one hand I feel really happy and proud of my people and their courage to say no to this regime. And at the same time I?m worried. I?m worried about her and I?m worried about my family?


2) Foreign students are being evacuated from Egypt, with U.S. schools leading the way. Some students are being flown home, some being relocated to other study abroad programs, and some are choosing to wait it out in Cairo.

And one more on how American University Cairo itself is responding.

3) English has become the international language of business, but even Americans have to learn new language skills to communicate effectively.

And the trickeries of English continue. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was tripped up a few months ago by a subtlety of British English versus American English.

4) More young Americans identify as "mixed race." The New York Times looks at how that plays out on college campuses.

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