What's it like saying goodbye to your friends from high school?


I never thought about this, but now I feel like it is one the hardest questions that I am answering. I can?t believe that it is already the end of the year. It is very sad. I have spent two years of school at Kent, and it is like my home now.

It will be hard to say goodbye for my friends, but I will never say goodbye to them, instead I will say see you soon. I guess this way it will make me feel better mentally.

Even though it is sad to leave, I think I am happy to have done my best during these last two years, and I have grown a lot as a student and as a leader. One of the things that I would really miss is the positive attitude of our faculty members, and stuff. At Kent, I can?t even imagine any school being better than them.

I don?t know if I should be really excited for college, but I am surprised that I am not as excited as I thought I would be. I feel like I need more time to adjust myself going in to a completely new environment.

In about two weeks, my graduation is coming up. I am really excited about it. I haven?t gone to so many graduations here, so it will be new to me. I can visualize that day when all of the girls are going to look beautiful with their white dresses, and if it is going to rain, then it will be a tragedy, but I hope not.

I am excited to see my family members coming for my graduation and joining me. I haven?t seen my parents in like a year, so I can?t wait to see them soon and hopefully my siblings too.