I had the pleasure of talking this week with VOA Special English, who wanted to know about the types of questions international students ask when applying to study in the U.S.  You can listen to the report they put together from our conversation here:

After the interview, they also asked me to share some of my favorite websites for international students. I figured you all might want to see as well, so I thought I'd post the list here, exactly how I sent it to them in my email (well, I corrected one typo...).

A lot of these are also in our Resources section or under our "useful websites" tag (check out both of those links for more sites to look at).  Let me know in the comments what other websites you like!

The only must-know site for all international students:


If you only know one additional site:

Study in the States (Department of Homeland Security)

Where to research colleges/universities:

Department of Education College Navigator ? detailed statistics on US colleges

College search tools tailored for international students:

College Board?s Big Future

College Confidential: international students university search

Other good search sites:

Princeton Review


Where to research scholarships/funding:

EducationUSA - running list of newly announced scholarships/fellowships

Searchable databases of scholarships:

IIE: Funding for US Study

International Education Financial Aid

Websites with student exchange experiences:


Happy Schools Blog (for Indian students)

iStudent Life


So, what websites did I forget that you really like?