In case you couldn't guess, I love the articles our bloggers write about culture and culture clash.  I'm fascinated by what happens when different cultures come into contact and coexist, and by finding out all the little differences that end up making a huge impression, like whether getting a tan is beautiful or whether writing with your left hand is weird.

But we also cover lots of practical advice here, and in the past year our bloggers have shared tons of tips for getting into a U.S. college or university and for getting the most out of it.

Here are the top 10 that any prospective international student should read:

Getting in:

How I Made Myself a Good Candidate for US Admissions (and Other Advice from a Successful Applicant) - Anna

Can International Students Attend American Medical School? - Jess

How to Speak English Fluently? - Nick

Learning How to Take the SATs - Vladimir

Getting over it:

Battling a University Rejection? 5 Stories to Get Inspired - Jess

Making a decision:

Why You Should Consider Quality of International Services When Picking a School - Anna

The Importance of Keeping Your Options Open When Applying - Roz

Making the most of it:

Finding Work Experience in the US: What I Learned (and What I Wish I'd Known) - Olena

How To Use Your Accent to Your Advantage - Nicholas

If You Stop Learning When You Leave the Classroom You're Doing it Wrong - Cristiana

Bonus: 15 New Year's Resolutions You Can Make Right Now if You Want to Study in the US