A University of California-Berkeley student was killed in Nice, France, when a man drove his truck through a crowded Bastille Day celebration for more than a mile, the university says.

Nicolas Leslie, 20, one of the 85 UC Berkeley students attending the study abroad there, was unaccounted for after the attack. For day,  his parents were frantic, the Los Angeles Times reported.  He had been the subject of an extensive search by university staff, local officials and family, the university website reported.

Nicolas Leslie, 20, a student at University of California-Berkeley, is missing in Nice, France, after the attack July 14.

Hundreds were injured in an attack along Nice's seaside promenade and 84 killed when a truck plowed through the crowds watching fireworks.

Leslie was a junior majoring in the College of Natural Resources.

"Of the UC Berkeley students injured, two sustained broken legs and were being treated in the hospital, while a third had a broken foot, " the university says in a press release.

Vladyslav Kostiuk, 23, and Daryus Medora, 21, suffered broken legs, according to a UC Berkeley news release. Diane Huang, 20, suffered a broken foot.

Kostiuk and Huang were released from an area hospital and have returned to their dorms in Nice. Medora was still in the hospital as of 5 p.m. PDT on Friday, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"The program has been suspended temporarily to commemorate a national three days of mourning in France, and will continue through its planned end date on July 24. The campus has offered to bring home any students who wish to leave the program before its end date, and so far, three students have chosen to do so and return home to the U.S."

On July 1, Berkeley sophomore Tarishi Jain was among 20 hostages killed by Islamic militants in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on July 1.