Perceptions of US higher education from the IIE Student Attitudinal Survey

This chart comes from a new Institute of International Education (IIE) survey measuring how prospective students view different study abroad locations.  According to their data, the U.S. is viewed as having the most diverse, highest quality and most welcoming educational system ... as well as the highest tuition and most complex visa procedures.

It's an interesting comparison to some other surveys we've shared in the past, like a British Council survey ranking Germany as the most supportive country for international students, and a study from a Toronto-based firm that ranked Finland on top in terms of accessibility and affordability.

You can see the full IIE report as a PDF document, or click on the image to see it larger. IIE says they conducted surveys in Vietnam, India, Mexico, Thailand, Hong Kong, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Nigeria and South Africa to get the results.