We've had a few serious thoughts in the past on being in America for Valentine's Day, but here are some light-hearted ways to show that special international student how you feel...

1) I've got my I-20 and my financial statements ready...

Valentines day card - proof of ties

2) But is it a grant or a loan?

Valentine's day card - scholarship
If our love was financial aid, I

3) Who knew a pickup line could be such good TOEFL advice?

Valentines day card - alphabet
If I could rearrange the alphabet, I

Now it's your turn!  Make your own international student Valentine's Day cards.  Here are links to the templates we used:




Share them with us if you make any!  Upload them to Flickr or Facebook or another photo-sharing site and post the link here - we'll repost our favorites on the blog and our Facebook page!