Are you waiting to receive that admissions letter from your first-choice school? Here's some advice from our bloggers on how to stay calm, and why a rejection isn't the end of the world.

Jaime Bellemare

I remember waiting to hear back from New York University (NYU). I applied early decision and was set on living in the city. I was with my dad on the way home from one of my softball games when my brother called and said that he letter had come in the mail. I couldn?t get home fast enough, but I was terrified. I knew that my chances of being accepted were less than great.

When I got home I ran to the kitchen to find the letter. Small envelope, like I expected. Unfortunately, the made for film idea that small envelopes are equivalent to rejection is actually pretty accurate. Of course, there are exceptions, but not in my case.

To this day I have not actually opened that letter. I held the envelope up to the light and read the words ?We regret to inform you.? At the time I was devastated, of all the schools I applied to (and it was a lot) I was only accepted to three. I worked so hard and it seemed liked none of it paid off.

I?m not really the kind of person who believes in fate, but looking back I?m happy I ended up at Syracuse- a school that was definitely not my first choice. I eventually got past being upset and realized that sometimes you just have to make the best of the situation at hand. There is more than one path in life.

Alex Busingye

Before I got my acceptance letter, I just tried to stay positive and constantly remind myself that I had worked really hard to deserve it.

When I received it, I remember being extremely excited. I told all my friends about it but I wasn't surprised.

Tara Cheng

I think at this point, what applicants most should do is staying calm down. I have some friends in China waiting for the admission letters in a little bit anxiety because they see other people around them may have already got admitted.

According to my experience, there should be one or more school accepting you finally, maybe just one, but it is enough, since you can only attend one school at one time right? Please do not be worried if other students around you got their ad letters or even show off in some subtle ways, you will get it as well eventually.

I have a friend applying Engineer programs last year, he did not get any admission until April 15th, and the only admission he got is from CIT!!!! California Institute of Technology!!!!

Getting into American universities is not as hard as around twenty years ago, although you need to have strong qualifications, I know you guys already have them. So maybe the biggest surprise will come at the end. : )