Unlike foreign leaders, celebrities are not bound by diplomacy.

Many voiced their displeasure online to a Donald Trump presidency, after the U.S. presidential election on Tuesday.

J.K. Rowling, Millennial-popular author of the  "Harry Potter" series,  got backlash from Twitter users for her response to Mallory's [@malmal1012] question about where to go from here.

Rowling deciphered between the easy and good thing to do when the bully [referring to Trump] wins.

Rowling tweeted again telling Mallory what she, Americans and global citizens can do.

This tweet received 63,000 likes,  more than 36,000 retweets and a handful of responses -- both positive and negative.

Rowling fired back.

Rowling's and Cheryl's exchange triggered a reaction from Harry Potter character Luna Lovegood, more specifically, a parody account of the ethereal-like Luna.

@LoonyLovelyLuna explained to Cheryl that the Trump election is not only a United States issue, but has a global impact.

Internet diplomacy restored.