Well, admissions decisions have been out for a few weeks, and apparently they were more competitive this year than ever before.  But just how competitive, and what does it mean for someone hoping to apply in the next few years?

The New York Times has compiled a list of this year's admissions statistics for some of the country's top colleges, chronicling the number of applications received and number admitted from that pool, and comparing this year's admissions rate to last year's:

2012 Admissions Decisions (New York Times)

Unfortunately, a similar list does not exist just for international student admissions (or, not as far as @fulbrightfrance and I know).

UPDATE: The New York Times has now released a version of their acceptance rate chart for international students! Take a look:
2012 International Admissions (New York Times)

But some international students have been using discussion forums to post their qualifications and admissions results, helping create a picture of who got admitted where.

International student regular decision results thread (College Confidential)

International student early decision results thread (College Confidential)

Many colleges also publish statistics on the average SAT score of their incoming class, and other useful statistics to give you an idea of what type of student they admit. You can see a lot of this type of information on the Department of Education's College Navigator site.