Why, thank you for noticing.  We DID change our layout today.

Our parent site, voanews.com, went through a major overhaul.  If you are a VOA reader and haven't checked out the new site design yet, pop over and take a look.  It's cleaner, more visual and hopefully easier to navigate.

It's also a lot wider, and we've changed our look to match.  So you'll see a wider layout on our blog posts and sidebar.  We've also added a section at the bottom of each post for related items, so you can hopefully find more things that you're interested in.  And you'll see more options for sharing to social media (Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus).

No, it's not perfect, and we'll be continuing to tweak it as we get settled into the new look.  But think of it like a new haircut - let it grow in for a few days before you judge!  And as always, questions, comments and feedback are encouraged.