There have been more and more free online webinars and college fairs popping up on the internet recently.  We've shared a few on the Facebook page, but I want to try out sharing them here as well.

The idea: To post each Friday about the online events we know of coming up the next week.  We'll collect from all the sources we know of and share webinars and virtual events about topics of interest to prospective international students.

Your end of the bargain? If you go, report back and let us know what you learned!  (Use the comments, the Facebook page or just email me -

And please let me know if you know of other events that I haven't come across and should include.  The rules: they must be free to attend, of broad interest to international students (ie: not how to get into one particular school, not about one specific country, and not selling a product), and in English.

Hopefully this will work and be useful for you!  Feedback very welcome.

Coming up next week:

October 25

EducationUSA: TOEFL
11am US Eastern Time (1500 GMT)
More information:

Kaplan: SAT v ACT
9:30pm US Eastern Time (0130 GMT)
More information:

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