Body of Former US Presidential Aide Found in Landfill
Body of Former US Presidential Aide Found in Landfill

Police say a former U.S. presidential aide whose body was found in a landfill in the northeastern U.S. state of Delaware was murdered.

Authorities announced Monday that they found the body of John Wheeler at a Wilmington, Delaware landfill on New Year's Eve. They said his body was spotted as a trash truck was emptying its load into the landfill.

Police have asked the public for tips on Wheeler's whereabouts prior to his death. He was last seen Tuesday, exiting a train from Washington, D.C. to Wilmington.

Wheeler served in the Vietnam War and later was one of the principal backers of a controversial drive for a Vietnam War memorial in Washington, D.C.

Wheeler served in the Pentagon under four presidents. He created a Vietnam War veterans' leadership program for President Ronald Reagan and later an environmental conservation group for at-risk youth under President George W. Bush.