A federal judge in Tampa sentenced a neo-Nazi leader to five years in prison Tuesday for weapons possession.

Brandon Russell, 22, pleaded guilty to the charges in September. He admitted to founding the white supremacist group called Atomwaffen — the German word for nuclear bombs. Before he was sentenced, he apologized to the court for his crimes.

FILE - This photo provided by the Pinellas County
FILE - This photo provided by the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office shows Brandon Russell, June 7, 2017.

Police were called to Russell's apartment last May to investigate reports of a double murder.

Along with the two victims, allegedly killed by Russell's roommate, the officers found explosives, fuses, neo-Nazi literature and other material belonging to Russell.

They also discovered a framed photograph of Oklahoma City terrorist bomber Timothy McVeigh.

Russell's mother told the court her son is autistic and was always "looking for something to belong to."