Just a day after the sentencing of Times Square bomber, Faisal Shahzad, the New York City Police Commissioner announces the force will be expanding terrorism security by stationing police officers in cities around the world.

New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly began his announcement with a chilling reminder to New Yorkers.

"The threat from radical Islam shows no sign of receding," he said.

Just a day earlier, Faisal Shahzad pleaded guilty to 10 charges related to his attempt to detonate an explosives filled car in New York's Times Square nearly two months ago.

During the hearing Shahzad warned, "We will be attacking the U.S."

Kelly says, because terrorist plots are intercontinental, New York's security operations must be as well. The New York Police Department's International Liaison Program has officers stationed around the world.

"London, Paris, Lyon, Toronto, Montreal, Santo Domingo, Amman, Jordan, Madrid, Tel Aviv, and Abu Dhabi. They work closely with local police and intelligence agencies and can respond whenever a terrorist attack occurs within the region," said Kelly. "The facts we learn from them are applied directly to our defensive New York."

Additionally, in order to safeguard the identities of undercover police officers, Kelly says the New York Police Department will have the same protections in court as Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence Agency officers.

A network of cameras will be installed around the city and at tunnel and bridge entrances to further secure the city. The system is lightly modeled after London's camera scheme and will be connected by fiber optic lines.