WASHINGTON - The latest issue of New York magazine features 35 women who say they were drugged and raped by film and television celebrity Bill Cosby.  The women are aged from 44 to 80 and come from different walks of life and races. The magazine interviewed each of them separately, but their stories are similar.

Over the last year, numerous women - including those featured in New York magazine - have come forward to tell their stories of being drugged and raped by Bill Cosby.

On the streets of New York, people react differently to the allegations against the once revered comedian and social activist.

"It's obvious that he is guilty. I guess you can just add it to the list of rich and powerful people who have got away with things that they did in the past, which have finally caught up with them," said one woman.

Bill Cosby has denied allegations of illegally giving drugs to women in order to have sex with them. But in 2006, he paid an undisclosed sum to a woman who brought a civil case against him, claiming that Cosby had tricked her into taking drugs before he sexually assaulted her. During testimony in the case, the comedian admitted that he had obtained Qualuudes. But his lawyers say he never gave the drug to anyone without their consent.

One of Cosby's attorneys has accused the media of misinterpreting excerpts from the court documents.

"When the deposition said that there was use of Qualuudes - which was.... Qualuudes, which was done often in the 70s - it was considered a party drug, called disco biscuits, and it was something that was used frequently, not just by Mr. Cosby, but other entertainers," said Monique Pressley, one of Cosby’s lawyers.

Cosby has never been criminally charged over the allegations, but his career has suffered. He has lost commercial endorsements, speaking engagements and TV syndication revenue.