Obama: World Does Well if America Does
Obama: World Does Well if America Does

President Barack Obama says the world is inspired when America has a big and generous vision of itself.  He made the statement arguing on behalf of his jobs bill at the Clinton Global Initiative, or CGI, a yearly leadership forum that tackles many of the world's most serious problems.   

President Obama praised those who contribute time and money to the Clinton Global Initiative, saying the effort brings hope and opportunity to hundreds of millions of people around the world.  He said that despite the current economic crisis, America remains the world?s largest economy.

?If the economy is not growing, if Americans are not getting back to work, it becomes that much harder for us to sustain the critical development assistance and the partnerships that help to undergird the development strategies that you care deeply about all across the world," said President Obama.

Mr. Obama added that when Americans do well, America does well, which is good for the rest of the world.  He also argued that his jobs bill will create millions of jobs, improve infrastructure, encourage research and boost demand through tax cuts for working families and small business owners.  The president expressed hope that members of Congress will recognize that those most blessed by America are ready to give back, if asked.  

It was his way of suggesting that taxes on wealthy Americans should be raised.  Republicans in Congress have responded that such a tax increase would drain money needed by private sector employers for job creation.