SOUTH DAKOTA - For those who worry that Doomsday is around the corner, South Dakota offers bunkers with room for the whole family, and promises the shelter will withstand a nuclear winter or any other major catastrophe.
The nearest town is 30 minutes away and there's no mobile connectivity. 

"This is [a] 18 square mile [4600 hectare] property. There are 575 former military bunkers in the south side of the property," says Robert Vicino, CEO of Vivos, the company that's building the bunkers. "And in the north side is another 275." 
The bunkers, situated on an army base built during World War II, were used to store bombs and munitions until the base closed in 1967, which means they were built to be durable.

Vicino guarantees the covering doesn’t allow radiation to pass through. And  there's enough space for a big family, if they can pay the $25,000 price tag for a bunker of their own.

The South Dakota company building this model bunke
The South Dakota company building this model bunker says the structure will protect residents during a nuclear attack or other catastrophe.

The model bunker has four bedrooms, a kitchen, little movie-theater, green house and aqua ponds. 

Vicino says he's is confident the former U.S. military base is a safe spot. It's far from the ocean so a tsunami is unlikely. And South Dakota isn't on the list of probable nuclear bomb targets. 
The former base turned bunkers even has the potential to be a city of the future, since about 10,000 people would be able to take shelter in these bunkers, according to Vicino.

In case of disaster, the only thing bunker buyers need to do is to get to this remote part of the United States in time, find the right hill, and quickly lock yourself inside.