Police say five men arrested in connection to a break-in at a historic building in the southern state of Texas are from Morocco.

Officials say three of the men were arrested after the broke into the 120-year-old Bexar County Courthouse in downtown San Antonio.  They say the other two were arrested in a recreational vehicle parked in front of the building.

The suspects are being questioned by anti-terror officials, but an FBI spokesman tells VOA there is nothing to indicate there was any imminent threat to the public.

Officials said they recovered "photographs of infrastructure" from the suspects' vehicle.  These included pictures of water systems, shopping malls and other public buildings.  

They said the men had travel documents and parking passes indicating they had visited places all across the United States.

San Antonio radio station WOAI reports the five men entered the country United States with legal travel visas.  They arrived from London's Heathrow Airport.