Pets Plus of Gibbstown Grand Opening and Adoption Event
Pets Plus of Gibbstown Grand Opening and Adoption Event

Republican and Democratic lawmakers, who these days get along about as well as dogs and cats, have joined forces for a common cause: A ban on the slaughter and sale of America's beloved pets for food. 

The bill, introduced by Florida representatives Vern Buchanan, a Republican and Alcee Hastings, a Democrat, passed in the House Wednesday. 

The law allows for a $5,000 fine per violation for anyone knowingly eating, killing, transporting, buying, selling or donating a cat or a dog for human consumption. It does, however, make an exception for religious ceremonies conducted by certain Indian tribes. 

Buchanan noted a glaring lack of such a law in most states. Just six states have a law on the books that bans the consumption of dogs and cats by humans. 

"Dogs and cats provide love and companionship for millions of people and should not be slaughtered and sold for food," Buchanan said in a statement. 

Hastings said the bill hold Americans "to the same standard we wish to see in others," noting that the U.S. has frequently called on Asian countries to ban the eating of dogs and cats.