Front page of Wired online.
Front page of Wired online.

The November issue of Wired, guest edited by President Barack Obama, has been published online.

Obama becomes the first sitting U.S. president to edit a major magazine.

Wired, which focuses on the intersection of technology and culture seemed like a good fit for Obama given his self professed love of tech. The theme of the November issue is “Frontiers,” reflecting how technology is influencing many segments of life.

“When Wired asked me to guest-edit the November issue I didn’t hesitate,” wrote Obama. “I know it’s the height of election season, and I happen to have a day job that keeps me pretty busy. But given the chance to immerse myself in the possibility of interplanetary travel or join a deep-dive conversation on artificial intelligence, I’m going to say yes. I love this stuff. Always have.”

Wired has been guest edited seven other times, including by tennis star Serena Williams, movie director James Cameron as well as a joint guest edit with former president Bill Clinton and Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Wired editor-in-chief Scott Dadich, who took over the magazine in 2012, gave some insight into what guest editors do and how staff worked with the president.

“What guest editors do, typically, is tell us who they are and what they care about,” he wrote. “They point us to ideas and themes and people that are meaningful to them, and we turn those thoughts into stories.

“So the president told us what it meant to him and gave us leads on stories and people. We asked our writers for their thoughts, and we came up with the idea of breaking the issue into the sections you’ll find within: personal, local, national, and inter­national frontiers — and, of course, the final one, because it turns out President Obama is a big Star Trek nerd.”

The November issue of Wired hit newsstands Oct. 25.