FILE - In this March 1, 2018 file photo, the Remington name is seen etched on a model 870 shotgun at Duke's Sport Shop in New…
Lawsuit against America's oldest gunmaker is being watched closely
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Sat, 11/16/2019 - 17:09
Mark Sandy, a career official in the White House Office of Management and Budget, arrives at the Capitol to testify in the House Democrats' impeachment inquiry  against President Donald Trump, in Washington, Nov. 16, 2019.
Mark Sandy, a longtime career official with the Office of Management and Budget, could offer key details about the holdup of US military aid to Ukraine
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Sat, 11/16/2019 - 13:16
FILE - This Aug. 1, 2017, file photo, shows a call log displayed via an AT&T app on a cellphone in Orlando, Fla. New tools are…
Legislators say the final bill will require phone companies to verify that phone numbers are real and to block calls for free
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Sat, 11/16/2019 - 04:46
US Senate Passes Bill Making Animal Cruelty a Federal Felony
The U.S. Senate has passed a bill that makes animal cruelty a federal felony. The so-called PACT — Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture — Act was approved unanimously. VOA's Maxim Moskalkiv reports.
House Democrats Plan Major Week of Trump Impeachment Hearings
Democrats in the House of Representatives closed the first week of public impeachment inquiry hearings into President Donald Trump Friday with testimony from Marie Yovanovitch. The ousted U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine testified she was the target of a disinformation campaign orchestrated by Rudy Giuliani, part of an irregular U.S. diplomatic channel that allegedly delayed nearly $400 million in U.S. aid to Ukraine. VOA's congressional correspondent Katherine Gypson previews next week's hearings.
Americans Split on Impeachment Hearings
Millions of Americans have been watching the U.S. House of Representatives impeachment inquiry hearings into President Donald Trump. Mike O'Sullivan reports from Los Angeles, some voters support the process and others agree with Trump that it's politically motivated.
The family home of school shooter is seen in Santa Clarita, Calif., Friday, Nov. 15, 2019. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's…
16-year-old boy had opened fire on classmates, then turned gun on himself; his motive remains unknown
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Fri, 11/15/2019 - 22:13