Mosul, Duhok, Kalak, Irbil and Shaqlawa, Iraq
Mosul, Duhok, Kalak, Irbil and Shaqlawa, Iraq

Turkish officials say four Turkish soldiers were wounded in a mortar attack on a base in northern Iraq where Turkish troops are training Iraqi soldiers battling Islamic State militants.

Western media reported that IS fighters fired rockets on the Iraqi camp near the northern city of Mosul. A Turkish official said the attack originated from IS-held territory.

The camp came under mortar fire for several hours and Turkish troops responded with rounds of artillery, sources said.

Earlier this month, Turkey said more than 100 troops were deployed to the camp to protect Turkish military members training Iraqi fighters seeking to recapture Mosul from the Islamic State. But the Iraqi government and civilian demonstrators have objected to the deployment, saying it violates Iraq's sovereignty.

Some Turkish troops have since pulled out of the camp, where more than 1,000 Iraqi fighters have received training.