The international police agency Interpol has issued a wanted notice for 11 suspects in the assassination of a Hamas commander in Dubai last month.

Interpol issued the alert, which it calls a "red notice," Thursday at the request of Dubai authorities. The agency's Web site says the 11 suspects entered Dubai using fake passports with the stolen identities of real people.

Interpol says the international notice is aimed at limiting the assassins' ability to travel freely using the same false passports.

Dubai police say they are 99 percent sure that Israel's Mossad spy agency sent agents to kill Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in the emirate.

Israel has neither confirmed nor denied involvement.

Dubai says the suspects carried fake passports with British, Irish, French and German nationalities.

Britain, Ireland and France expressed strong concern Thursday about the assassins' use of the fake passports and called on Israel Thursday to cooperate in their investigation of the case.

The British and Irish governments both summoned Israel's ambassadors in their capitals Thursday to question them about the assassination.

Six Israelis who hold dual British-Israeli citizenship say their identities were stolen and put on forged passports used by the suspected assassins. Some former Israeli operatives say the methods used in the assassination are consistent with how Mossad has worked in the past.

In another development, Hamas officials said Thursday they suspect two members of the rival Palestinian Fatah faction helped Israel to assassinate Mabhouh.

The officials say the two Palestinians once worked for Fatah's security force in the Gaza Strip before Hamas militants ousted Fatah from power in the territory in 2007. The Hamas officials say the two Palestinian suspects recently were arrested in Jordan and later extradited to Dubai.


Some information for this report was provided by AP.

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