Babil, Iraq
Babil, Iraq

Convicted terrorists in the central Iraqi province of Babil will have their homes destroyed and their families forced out of the state under a new law passed by the provincial council.

The law, approved Tuesday, was the first such measure passed anywhere in Iraq since dictator Saddam Hussein was overthrown in 2003.

The council also demanded that Baghdad hand over terrorists on death row for public execution in Babil.

Babil is about 95 kilometers south of the capital, and council member Hassan Fadamm said provincial authorities would do what they had to do to stop terrorists.

"We have grown frustrated with the central government's efforts to maintain security and execute convicted militants," Fadamm said. "Nothing is deterring the terrorists, who realize once they are in prison, they only receive good treatment."

Iraqi government officials in Baghdad have not yet reacted to the new demolition law.

On Wednesday, meanwhile, militants killed at least 16 people, including police and civilians, in separate attacks in and around Baghdad.

The blasts took place at a police checkpoint, a shopping district and a refugee camp.

No one has claimed responsibility for the blasts, but Islamic State militants have stepped up such attacks in Baghdad after suffering setbacks in the battlefield and losing control of Iraqi towns.

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