Israel says it has been holding a suspected al-Qaida operative for the past three years and is now asking a court to extend his detention for another six months.
According to court document filed by Israel's Justice Ministry Monday, Samir al-Baraq is an expert in biological warfare and has been active in al-Qaida since 2001.  The documents say Baraq was arrested while trying to cross into Israel from Jordan in 2010. 
Israeli officials say Baraq would significantly expand the development of the terror infrastructure in the region.
Baraq had previously been arrested and released by both the United States and Jordan.
Baraq's attorney tells the French news agency he is asking the court for his client to be released.  Saleh Mohameed said it is unfair to continue holding Baraq without charging him, arguing the allegations are old and have already been investigated by Washington and Amman.

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