Mideast Egypt Al Jazeera
Mideast Egypt Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera journalist Mohamed Fahmy could soon be released from prison in Egypt after renouncing his Egyptian citizenship.

The move clears the way for Egypt to deport Fahmy, who has spent more than 400 days in custody after being arrested in December 2013 along with two of his colleagues under charges they aided the banned Muslim Brotherhood.

Fahmy was a dual citizen of Egypt and Canada. Late Monday, Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird said Fahmy's release was "imminent."

The developments come after Egyptian authorities deported Al Jazeera's Peter Greste to his home country of Australia.

The third man, Egyptian Baher Mohammed, remains in prison serving a 10-year sentence -- three years more than those given to Fahmy and Greste.

Their arrests and convictions brought condemnation from rights groups and other governments. Al Jazeera insists its employees were doing their jobs reporting the news, and said after Greste's release that all three must be exonerated.

Egypt's Court of Cassation ruled last month that the three would get a retrial, but did not set a date.

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