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Gunmen Kill Iraqi Police Officer and Family

Iraqi authorities say gunmen have broken into the home of an anti-terrorism police officer in the Baghdad suburbs, killing him and his family.

Officials say the gunmen gunned down an administrator for the al-Rasheed district Saturday, and also killed the police captain's wife and their two children.

The attackers also killed at least one security officer nearby.

On Friday, a series of bomb attacks targeted Sunnis in Iraq, including in Baquba, just north of Baghdad, killing 70 people and increasing fears of renewed sectarian conflict.

The deadliest blast struck Sunni worshippers who were leaving a mosque in Baquba. It was followed by a second explosion as people gathered to help the wounded. At least 41 people were killed in the twin bombings.

Later in the day, a roadside bomb exploded during a Sunni funeral procession in Madain, south of Baghdad, killing eight people.

In Baghdad, a bomb went off in the mainly Sunni neighborhood of Amariyah, killing at least 19 people.

And a bomb went off in a cafe in the city of Fallujah, killing two people.

Friday's attacks follow a wave of bombings in Iraq this week that left more than 100 people dead.

Prime Minister Nouri-al-Maliki is blaming the deaths on rising sectarian violence that has plagued the country since security forces raided a Sunni protest camp near Kirkuk last month.

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