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Parades and Protests in Venezuela on Chavez Death Anniversary

There were parades and protests in Caracas Wednesday to mark the first anniversary of the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Mourners filed past the sarcophagus containing his body while his successor, Nicolas Maduro, presided over a joint military-civilian parade.

But there was no let up in anti-government protests, now into their second month.

Hundreds of demonstrators blocked streets in the capital with garbage, and blew whistles and horns.

Mr. Maduro blames those he calls "right wing fascists" for the protests. He had called on all Venezuelans to come together in "peace and love" to honor President Chavez.

Mr. Chavez died last year of cancer after leading Venezuela for 14 years.

Many poor Venezuelans say living conditions and job and educational opportunities improved under his socialist government.

But others join the anti-government protesters in saying they are sick of food shortages, poor services and out-of-control crime.

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