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    Syria War Death Toll Reaches 470,000

    FILE - In this Oct. 3, 2012 file photo, a man cries while holding the body of his son, killed by the Syrian Army, near Dar El Shifa hospital in Aleppo, Syria.
    FILE - In this Oct. 3, 2012 file photo, a man cries while holding the body of his son, killed by the Syrian Army, near Dar El Shifa hospital in Aleppo, Syria.
    VOA News

    A new report finds that some 470,000 people have been killed since Syria's civil war began nearly five years ago and that the new casualty figure is nearly twice that of past United Nations estimates.

    According to the independent, non-profit Syrian Center for Policy Research, 400,000 Syrians were killed in violence linked to the conflict, while 70,000 people lost their lives because they lacked necessities like adequate health care, housing, sanitation, food and potable water.

    The Damascus-based center said 11.5 percent of Syria's population have been killed or injured since the start of the conflict back in March 2011. The figures were reported earlier by Britain's The Guardian newspaper.

    The United Nations previously put the number of civilian deaths at 250,000 with 12 million displaced but the newspaper reports that the U.N. human rights office stopped counting the number of dead in mid-2014 due to lack of access to reliable sources of information.

    The SCPR said an estimated 1.9 million people have been wounded in the ongoing civil war.

    Some 13.8 million Syrians have lost the ability to earn a living. A total of 45 percent of the pre-war population have been forced to move - including more than 4 million who have fled the country and 6.4 million internally displaced, according to the report.

    The report is based on a population survey of about 2,100 key informants from 700 studied areas across the entire country, SCPR said in an email. The group cross checks data from a variety of sources with secondary data and third-party research.

    A U.S.-led coalition is trying to destroy Islamic State militants in Syria and wants President Bashar al-Assad to go; but, Russia and Iran are supporting Assad by attacking his opponents, including some coalition-backed rebels.

    Last year, the U.N. Security Council said Syria had become "the largest humanitarian emergency crisis in the world today, threatening peace and security in the region."

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    by: eusebio manuel vestias pe from: Portugal
    February 13, 2016 5:08 AM
    Stop War in Syria

    by: jay
    February 12, 2016 1:17 AM
    how and when can we stop war!!

    by: AHMED from: INDIA
    February 11, 2016 8:54 PM
    Sponsors of Terrorism in this world are responsible for these losses, namely USA, Saudi Arab, Israel, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, Bahrain and UAE.
    We are very smart in this world because we have wealth and power. We have to think what would be our reply in front of God for these loses because we have finance Daesh/IS/Nusrat Front.

    by: Xaaji Dhagax from: Somalia
    February 11, 2016 8:13 PM
    We are horrifyingly witnessing in this world where the only two militarily superpower countries are getting away with atrocities, war crimes and genocide. Russia and USA are jointly continuing to pulverize civilian, armed group and rebels who oppose each other.
    Syria became a battlefield where Russia and America experimentally test their new manufactured weapons with disregard human suffering. Hope one day these two diabolical super power will pay heavy price for this destruction

    by: Mason from: USA
    February 11, 2016 5:14 PM
    What is stopping the international community from taking Assad out at any cost? Are they afraid of what Russia or Iran will do? They can only postpone World War III for so long. Sometimes you can't have peace if you don't want war. Taking in more refugees is not the answer. Both the refugees and their hosts are hurting. This great error will remain on the conscience of today's free world leaders if they have any, but it is never too late to act.

    by: meanbill from: USA
    February 11, 2016 4:12 PM
    Hey Marcus _ It's so funny that the (US and NATO countries) that invaded the Muslim countries of Afghanistan and Iraq, and caused and led the conflicts and uprisings in Libya, Syria and Yemen, don't want to take care of all the millions of displaced homeless migrants that their actions caused? .. [and now] .. the US and NATO countries want other countries to shoulder the burden of taking care of the millions of displaced homeless migrants that they created from their wars and conflicts? .. Like always, the US demands everything, and offers nothing? .. How many displaced homeless migrants from their wars and conflicts, has the US taken in? .. Did you say, zero to none?

    by: ANYNMOUS from: usa
    February 11, 2016 2:45 PM
    it is very sad about the amount died at Syrian war. I believe that number is far more higher. who is to blame? i blame the ideology of Islam. I blame Obama administration. us should not supported one side of conflict based on assumption that rebel are seeking freedom . I blame Saudi for enjoying set a fire and little respect to human being

    by: Marcus Aurelius II from: NJ USA
    February 11, 2016 2:23 PM
    That's a big jump since the last report that said it was 250,000. In a nation of 26 million people, that's about one in 55. It doesn't look like it will end anytime soon. Where could the rest go to find adequate housing accommodations from someone who has contributed just about nothing so far. How about all those ghost cities in China. they've got plenty of space for them with room to spare.

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