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    US Sends Aircraft Carrier, Destroyers to South China Sea

    FILE - This file aerial view taken on July 27, 2012, shows part of the city of Sansha on the island of Yongxing, also known as Woody island in the disputed Paracel chain, which China now considers part of Hainan province.
    FILE - This file aerial view taken on July 27, 2012, shows part of the city of Sansha on the island of Yongxing, also known as Woody island in the disputed Paracel chain, which China now considers part of Hainan province.
    Ken Schwartz

    The United States has deployed an aircraft carrier and several escorts to the South China Sea in an apparent show of force to China.

    The John C. Stennis, along with two destroyers and two cruisers, reportedly arrived in the disputed waters earlier this week. A U.S. flagship is also in the region.

    China claims almost the entire South China Sea. The United States has accused Beijing of militarizing the region as it tries to contest territorial claims by other nations.

    After China deployed surface-to-air missiles on the Paracel Islands last month, the head of the U.S. Pacific Command, Admiral Harry Harris, told Congress that China is clearly militarizing the sea.

    "You'd have to believe in a flat Earth to believe otherwise," Harris testified.

    China denies the accusation and says it is the U.S. that is causing the tension.

    "If you take a look at the matter closely, it's the U.S. sending the most advanced aircraft and military vessels to the South China Sea," said a spokeswoman for Beijing's Foreign Ministry, who warned that such a buildup could lead to a "miscalculation."

    Pacific Fleet officials say the United States has routinely patrolled the Pacific, including the South China Sea, for decades and has no intention of easing up.

    U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter told a group of U.S. troops Friday that China's rise as a prosperous nation "is fine. China's aggressive behavior is not, and we and lots of our partners... look to us to apply a counterweight to check anything excessive."

    Six Pacific nations — including Vietnam and the Philippines — have territorial claims in the South China Sea, and accuse China of using its military might to intimidate them into backing down.

    China also has been building artificial islands in the sea to try to strengthen its claims.

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    by: Marcus Aurelius II from: NJ USA
    March 06, 2016 10:03 AM
    A US aircraft carrier group is a formidable military force. The carrier itself is the center of a flotilla which is very well defended with the highest tech weapons we have. It is also capable of engaging and defeating any non nuclear adversary attack having a vast arsenal of weapons of so many types including both conventional and nuclear weapons. Were China to attack this fleet because it violated the territory in invented it would be suicide for the attacker.

    The US has other non military muscle it can use against China. A trade embargo of even 30 days would send China's economy and markets reeling. It would also serve notice to American corporations that manufacture in China to move their operations elsewhere, preferably back to the US or risk substantial losses. The Koch brothers and their friends would be livid if that happened.

    China is a paper tiger, its masquerade as a global power transparently thin.
    In Response

    by: Marcus Aurelius II from: NJ USA
    March 07, 2016 9:51 AM
    Ozymandias, The US Navy has remarkable defense systems for intercepting incoming missiles. But if China were to successfully sink a US aircraft carrier transiting the islands it invented in international waters, the cost to China would be in the trillions. For example, a trade embargo would wipe out the remaining five trillion dollars in its Shanghai stock market and send its GDP plunging. It wouldn't see one cent back from the 1.2 trillion dollars the US government owes it. Or the US might just vaporize Shanghai. Or it might sink the entire Chinese navy. Yes it can do that. China can't win a war against the US. The US holds all of the high cards. China desperately needs the US. The US doesn't really need anyone, it can rely entirely on itself as it once did and that is what many of us want.
    In Response

    by: Ozymandias II from: Los Angeles, California
    March 06, 2016 3:40 PM
    All you imperialist-thinking red-necks just dont get much does a Nimitz-class US carrier cost? According to Wiki, a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier cost about 4.5 billion and with all other modernization equipment it is probably 5 billion all said and done. How much is a Chinese DF-21D anti-ship missile cost to make? 10 million each? 20 million?? China has 60 of these launchers back in 2008, according to the U.S. Department of Defense....DoD also estimated that China had 60-80 missiles and approximately 10-11 missiles can be built annually. Lets say China has 100 of these missiles and if they really want to sunk the US 5 Billion metal target sitting right in front of their front you really think you can stop all 100 missiles from hitting its target?? Yes, the backlash afterwards will be another discussion, but dont think for a second the US carriers are invincible, because they are not!!

    by: john lee
    March 05, 2016 10:25 PM
    USA is again trying to create another war. As if the terrorist isis and teliban created by usa is not an enough problem.
    In Response

    by: sooguan from: Nagpur
    March 07, 2016 10:41 AM
    Yea, john lee, I do agree with you. The US appears more like a big terrorist nation with advanced weaponry, causing a lot of misery all over the world. The worst countries affected are countries in the Middle East, where the US has been warring for many years, innocent civilians were killed, houses and building destroyed and now refugees are escaping to Europe.

    by: Ken Jacob
    March 05, 2016 8:24 PM
    i think china wants to have another world war, i they dont get that island in our country,

    by: Seato
    March 05, 2016 6:47 PM
    Let's wait and see if some Chinese commies would have the guts to come out and sink this aircraft carrier...South China Sea is international waters and the US has been patrolling these water for decades, and China should not be allowed to seize it by force.We need land bases, not just aircraft carriers, so that we are always nearby and ready for any confrontation with China.We have to ensure that China does not seize shoals and atolls one by one by using their surveillance ships to intimidate and scare the Vietnamese and Filipino off their traditional fishing areas

    by: Rising Moon
    March 05, 2016 4:02 PM
    It’s time to halt China corsairs invasion into South Asia Sea, to turn the "China dream" to their worst nightmare. Even if the US fleet flex only its “tiny” muscle China will never dare to touch it, and soon the Japanese, Indian and Australian Navy fleet will join to this “tiny” armada.

    by: American Eskimo from: San Jose, USA
    March 05, 2016 11:29 AM
    If USA keeps up the provocation, her wish to cultivate a new battle field in Asia other than elsewhere in the world will come truth, creating massive refugees, death and destruction.
    Of cause, the West media will blame this on China.

    by: meanbill from: USA
    March 05, 2016 9:09 AM
    A show of US force, or just more US bluff and bluster? .. The US will stay in international waters, and China will monitor them with their ADIZ early warning radar on their little islands? .. A waste of taxpayer money, with military resources that could be used elsewhere against the terrorists that have become a real world power now, and threatening to become a super power if not checked?

    Why is the US continuing to divert and misdirect US military resources away from the terrorists who the US is at war with, to places like the South China Sea little islands where they'll never fight a conventional war?

    by: Anonymous
    March 04, 2016 11:55 PM
    USA is provoking tension in SCA by sending in BOMBERS and WARSHIPS under pretense of freedom of navigation. She bends on creating new refugees flow, death and destructions like she does the world over.

    by: meanbill from: USA
    March 04, 2016 11:19 PM
    A total waste of taxpayer money, with naval resources and airpower that could have been used to defeat the terrorists? .. It's strange how the commander in chief diverted and misdirected US military resources to where they weren't needed instead of using them to defeat the terrorists, isn't it?
    In Response

    by: Ben Thayer from: Donthat
    March 06, 2016 10:04 AM
    Yes, that carrier can be better implemented sailing up the river to Aleppo. The US has historically been patrolling these waters...this is nothing new. Only news when the context has China involved.

    by: Terry from: Canada
    March 04, 2016 10:13 PM
    So we are talking Syria Iran Argentina Russia or China as the next dancing partner for the Obama regime. He needs a war and he doesn't care where it starts as long as it does. He can't hide the coming collapse much longer and he needs a country to blame it on . But the rest of the world knows it as well so why fight now when you can wait for the collapse to hit and Obama will have enough problems at home.
    Comments page of 2

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