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Innovative Nano-Tech Water Filter Prevents Disease

Video Innovative Nano-Tech Water Filter Prevents Disease

It can absorb contaminants like copper, bacteria, viruses and pesticides, says Askwar Hilonga, who has been successfully trying out his product in Arusha More

FILE - Schoolchildren line up for trachoma medicine in Buniantole, eastern Uganda, Sept. 12, 2012. (Hilary Heuler/VOA)

Uganda Tackles High Levels of Antibiotic Resistance

Pharmacists, health specialists are stepping up campaign to combat problem, caused in part by the hoarding and self-prescribing of drugs More

FILE - A health worker prepares to give medication intravenously to a South Sudanese child who has tested positive for malaria, in the Ayilo refugee resettlement camp in Uganda.

Scientists ID Genes That Protect African Children From Malaria

Researchers say discovery will boost fight against disease that kills about half a million children annually More

Cassius Kollie (R), 24, receives a certificate for being cured of Ebola in Paynesville, Liberia, July 20, 2015.

International Cooperation the Key to Stopping Ebola

World Health Organization figures show that there were only seven cases of Ebola in September - two in Guinea and five in Sierra Leone More

In this Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2015 photo, Dr. Rick Sacra reviews patient cases with Dr. Anna Chon at the Family Health Center in downtown Worcester, Mass., where he advises doctors in training.

American Doctor Cured of Ebola Continues Work in Liberia

Effectively rendered immune to Ebola, Dr. Rick Sacra has returned to Liberia three times so far this year More

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Video More Needs to Be Done in Fighting Malaria, CDC Chief Says

Tom Frieden says more sub-Saharan African children should sleep under nets to ward off mosquitoes; he also says drug resistance poses 'real problems'

Hundreds Quarantined as Ebola Returns to Sierra Leone District

Move comes after girl dies of Ebola in apparent case of sexual transmission, first confirmed death from virus in the district in nearly six months

Study: Africans Near Dams 4 Times More Likely to Get Malaria

Researchers say more than 1M people in sub-Saharan Africa will contract malaria this year because they live near dams

No Rise in Malaria Seen in Pregnant Women Getting Iron Supplements

Extra iron given to women in Kenya study increases pregnancy duration, weight of newborns

UN: Global Child Mortality Rates Show Steep Drop

Even so, report says most countries missed target, set in 1990, of reducing child mortality by two-thirds

Diabetes a Growing Health Menace in Africa

Adult-onset diabetes being seen more often in region, in many of world’s poorest countries, where doctors and medical facilities not prepared to deal with it