February 19, 2013

    Published February 19, 2013


    Masked Palestinians use a back car seat as a shield during a protest to support Palestinian prisoners, outside Ofer, an Israeli military prison near the West Bank city of Ramallah.


    Snow and mountains make conditions tough for people in Saint Chathrine in the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. (Photo by Ibrahim Mamdouh/Egypt/VOA reader)


    A Pakistani woman is comforted by other relatives while grieving over the body of her brother Mohammed Ali, who was killed in Saturday's bombing, in Quetta, Pakistan.


    An Indian laborer sun dries red chilies at Shertha village, outskirts of Ahmadabad.


    Yemeni soldiers and firefighters work to extinguish a fire at the site of a plane crash in Sana'a, Yemen. An official says a military plane on a training exercise crashed into a neighborhood in the country's capital, killing and injuring scores of people.


    A young Vietnamese man walks in the countryside, carrying gardening tools on his shoulder while talking on his cellphone in Dalat province, South Vietnam. (Photo by Hang Dinh Thi Thanh/Vietnam/VOA reader)


    A camel braves the heavy snowfall at the zoo in Frankfurt, central Germany.


    Spacesuits are left on chairs before cosmonauts' training session at the Russian cosmonaut training facility in Star City outside Moscow, Russia.


    A resident stands amid the debris of his burnt house as he attempts to salvage useful materials after a fire in Valenzuela City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Some 500 houses were razed by fire, leaving 2,000 residents homeless, local media reported.


    A worker walks past piles of wood at a wood-processing factory in Huaibei, Anhui province, China.


    A lonely scene on the Huong River in Hue, Vietnam (Photo by Bùi Thụy Đào Nguyên/Vietnam/VOA reader)

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