March 1, 2013

    Published March 01, 2013


    Sweden's Sofia Linde competes in the long jump of the women's pentathlon, during the European Athletics Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden.


    Kashmiri Muslims raise their arms upon seeing a relic of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani, a Sufi saint, being displayed to devotees at his shrine in Srinagar, India.


    People stand next to a 24.9-meter (82 feet) diameter pit at a village in Guangyuan, Sichuan province, China, Feb. 28, 2013. The investigators said the pit may face further sinking after rains due to its geological conditions.


    North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman hug in Pyongyang in this undated picture released by North Korea's KCNA news agency.


    A little village girl fills drinking water in a pot at Uttar Radhanagar Railway Station of South24 Pargana district, West Bengal, India, Feb. 28, 2013. (Photo by Chandan Ghosh/India/VOA reader)


    The boy in the red shirt is trying to lick a drop of the lolly ice on his brother's pants in Pangambatan, Humbang Hasundutan, of North Sumatera, Indonesia. (Photo by Hadengganan Sianturi submitted for VOA Photo Contest)


    Supporters of Kenya's Prime Minster Raila Odinga travel home on a lorry after a major rally in Kisumu town. Kenya is to hold general elections on March 4.


    A Belarussian military instructor trains her Shepherd dog at a frontier guards' cynology center near the town of Smorgon, some 140 km (87 miles) northwest of Minsk. Puppies and dogs, which don't meet requirements for the service at the border, can be sold to civilians.


    Palestinian protester resists arrest by Israeli soldiers during clashes in the old city of Hebron, following a protest demanding the reopening of Shuhada Street, the one-time heart of the city.


    A farmer carrying a hoe walks past a dried-up pond in Shilin Yi Autonomous County of Kunming, Yunnan province, China, Feb. 28, 2013.


    A worker directs the removal of a Parasaurolophus dinosaur from a lorry at Twycross Zoo near Atherstone, central England. 15 dinosaurs will go on display at Dinosaur Valley, a new attraction at the zoo.


    Contortion artists perform during the Cirque du Soleil's Kooza show in Madrid, Spain, Feb. 28, 2013.


    An aerobatics team performs during the Australian International Airshow in Melbourne.

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