• Yuichiro Miura, right, and his son, Gota pose at their South Col camp at 8,000 meters before their departure for Camp 5 during their attempt to scale the summit of Mount Everest, May 22, 2013. (AP Photo/Miura Dolphins Co. Ltd.)
  • Yuichiro Miura goes through the South Col pass to a camp at 8,000 meters during his attempt to scale the summit of Mount Everest, May 21, 2013. (AP Photo/Miura Dolphins)
  • Yuichiro Miura, right, is greeted by his friend climber Kenji Kondo while resting at his camp at 6,500 meters during his attempt to scale the summit of Mount Everest, May 18, 2013. (AP Photo/Miura Dolphins)
  • Yuichiro Miura training in Tokyo for his 2013 climb up Mount Everest. (Miura Dolphins)
  • Yuichiro Miura at the Mount Everest summit, May 26, 2008. (Miura Dolphins)
  • Yuichiro Miura and his son, Gota Miura, at the Mount Everest summit, May 22, 2003. (Miura Dolphins)
  • Yuichiro Miura on his way to the Mount Everest summit in 2003. (Miura Dolphins)

80-Year-Old Man Climbs Mount Everest

Published May 23, 2013

An 80-year-old Japanese man has become the oldest person to climb the world's highest mountain.

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